Future Oceans Event Canada Day

Future Oceans: Tides Are Changing is an immersive celebration of wearable art, where creativity, sustainability, and ocean conservation converge in a visually captivating exhibition. Taking place at the Victoria International Marina (VIM) on July 1, 2023, this event showcases the incredible talent of artists who have transformed recycled materials into stunning wearable art pieces that carry a powerful message.

The exhibition serves as the focal point of the evening, featuring the works of esteemed artists such as Hal Rodriguez, Sahrye Cohen, Nadine Arthur, Samantha Brunner, Cristal Cherry-Lebel, Rebecka Pichoch, Christine Pederson, Claire Garvey, Dianne Gibson, and Lia Golemba, as well as several International Designers to be announced soon!

Each artist’s unique style and vision come to life through their meticulously crafted creations, highlighting the importance of sustainable fashion and the preservation of our oceans. Guests will be able to explore the exhibition, marvelling at the beauty and ingenuity behind each wearable art piece.

To complement the artistic experience, the evening includes captivating performances by the Nanaimo Contemporary Ballet, adding an ethereal and dynamic element to the event. The ballet will interpret the themes of nature and ocean conservation, evoking emotions and deepening the connection between art and the environment.

Adding to the enchanting atmosphere, live music performances by singer-songwriters Alan Donnely will entertain the audience with their soulful melodies, further enhancing the immersive ambiance of the event.


As part of the evening, guests will also have the opportunity to indulge in a sustainable tasting menu, carefully curated to align with the event’s commitment to eco-consciousness. The menu will feature an amuse-bouche made with locally sourced, organic ingredients, showcasing the possibilities of sustainable and ethical culinary practices.

Future Oceans: Tides Are Changing is not only an exhibition but a holistic experience that encourages guests to appreciate the beauty of wearable art, immerse themselves in captivating performances, and savour the flavours of a sustainable tasting menu. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of our choices and the potential for art, fashion, and cuisine to inspire positive change in our world.


Catherine Larose
Creative Director, Future Oceans International
403-993-5469 | catherine@futureoceans.ca