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Elevate your dining experience with Boom + Batten.

Where Pacific Northwest flavours meet approachable excellence, Boom + Batten is a locally-based upscale dining restaurant.

Catering to many dietary needs.

Boom + Batten Direct Line 250-940-5850

With a picturesque view of the inner harbour, Boom + Batten offers guests an elevated yet approachable culinary experience. Drawing profound inspiration from the surroundings of the Pacific Northwest, their culinary team, under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Laurence Munn, unveils an innovative menu curated with the finest locally sourced ingredients.


In the realm of libations, the Wine Director, Kristine Osachuk, has meticulously crafted an exquisite selection of domestic and imported wines, complementing the culinary journey.

Nestled along the waterfront, adjacent to the bustling Victoria International Marina, Boom + Batten presents an unforgettable dining experience, accompanied by a dynamic panoramic backdrop. A stroll along the Songhees Walkway, an urban promenade, provides a charming passage from downtown to the establishment.


Celebrating the ethos of the Pacific Northwest, Boom + Batten’s culinary narrative pays homage to sustainable practices, showcasing a delectable repertoire ranging from seafood to farm-fresh produce and locally-sourced meats. The resulting menu is an artful fusion of creativity, appeal, and exquisite taste – a testament to the culinary team’s unwavering dedication and West Coast spirit.

With their commitment to culinary diversity, they not only champion local ingredients but also embrace global flavors. Menu development is a thoughtful fusion of local influences, global explorations, and contemporary trends, all orchestrated to offer cherished patrons impeccable wine and craft beer pairings, with personalized and amiable service.

Call for more information: 250-940-5850

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