Clear Passage to Tatchu Point

Clear Passage to Tatchu Point.  Clear Passage takes you about 4 miles along the coast in waters protected by the Barrier islands, past a steady display of rugged rocks and rock islets.  The channel is free of hazards.  To enter Clear Passage, leave Grogan Rock to starboard, watching carefully for the rock to port, marked by kelp, that dries at 4 feet.  We got a little close to Grogan Rock heading down the island, and the depths rose sharply.  We moved oo to port and they went back down.  You will have no trouble identifying Grogan Rock.  It is an awful 23-foot-high black pinnacle and it commands attention.  Lay a course to take you north of McQuarrie Islets, and exit Clear Passage leaving McQuarrie Islets to starboard.  The rocks and islets along Clear Passage all look alike.  it helps to plot a waypoint at the spot where you intend to turn to exit past McQuarrie Islets.  Clear Passage is also a good route when heading north.  Leave McQuarrie Islets and Grogran Rock to port.

The island just south of Grassy Isle is a good place to hunt fossils.  “We anchored south of Clark Island and took the dinghy ashore to a shell beach on the southeast corner of the island.  The fossils were just lying on the beach.  We recommend doing this on a calm day only.  With the new, more detailed, metric chart, it might be possible to find anchorage between Grassy Isle and Clark.”

Local fishermen say the water from Jurassic Point past Tatchu Point can be an “ugly patch of water.”  Use caution and careful judgement.

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