Planning a Trip to the Northern BC Coast

Most cruisers limit their voyages to the water south of a line that runs between Wells Passage on the mainland to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.  North of this line the northern part of Queen Charlotte Sound is a natural barrier.  It takes time, a strong boat, and good navigation skills to proceed farther up the coast.  To be fair, a lifetime of cruising could be spent south of that line with complete satisfaction.

But to those with the time and inclination the coast north of Wells Passage is a special experience.  The scenery is magnificent, the population is small and self-sufficient, the fishing can be exceptional and you even take a warm soak at one of several hot springs.  You can anchor in bays with no other boats and take in the scenery all by yourself.

This is part of the coast where you’ll find the famous names: Nakwakto Rapids, Rivers Inlet, Fish Egg Inlet, Hakai, Bella Bella, Ocean Falls, Ivory Island, Fiordland, Butedale, Grenville Channel and Prince Rupert.  It’s a coast filled with history and possibilities.  if it’s wilderness you seek, you can find it here.

Be self-reliant.  Between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert, there are few marinas with services for pleasure boats.  Be glad the facilities are there, and don’t complain if they’re a little rough and maybe a bit more expensive.  Don’t expect marina help to come down to take your lines as you land.

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