Canada/US Border Opening August 9th

Summer is here and, from the sounds of it, our fully vaccinated American friends will be able to visit as soon as August 9th!!! We even have an event ready for you so be sure to call us to reserve your berth ASAP.

Our team has been working with our partner Music by the Sea to bring you an exclusive musical event from August 17 – 22. Tickets for this bespoke, exclusive, professional, seaside music festival WILL NOT last.

Border Update: On July 19th, the Canadian government has announced that as soon as August 9th, travellers arriving in Canada by marine mode will be eligible for eased quarantine and testing requirements if they have received the full series of a vaccine – or combination of vaccines – accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. Currently, those vaccines are manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). More information about entry requirements in the marine mode will be made available before August 9 so stay tuned for updates as we receive them. They must also meet all other criteria, including the pre-entry test requirement and the need to submit information electronically through ArriveCAN before or when entering Canada.

From now until August 9th, discretionary travel, including tourism, continues to be prohibited for all foreign nationals, including U.S citizens and permanent residents. This means that travellers arriving in Canada before 12:01 a.m. EDT on August 9 will be subject to current border measures in place.