Kingcome Inlet The Broughtons Anchorage

Kingcome Inlet.  Kingcome Inlet extends 17 miles inland between high and beautiful mountains, terminating at the delta of the Kingcome River.  The water is milky from glacier runoff and the surface band of water can be surprisingly fresh.  Just beyond the Petley Point at the head of the inlet, a magnificent new pictograph, a real work of art, is painted high on a rock cliff on the north shore.  It is the work of Native artist Marianne Nicolson.  The pictograph is brilliant red in colour and measures 28 feet wide and 38 feet high.  A half-mile south of the new pictograph, there is a much older Native Native pictograph at 50°55.540’N/126°13.478’W.

Kingcome Inlet’s great depths and sheer rock walls allow virtually no suitable anchorages in the upper portions, except in settled weather.

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