Day Trip Seattle to Victoria on the Clipper

Plan a day trip from Seattle to Victoria on the Clipper ferry.  Below is a suggested itinerary for a day trip to BC’s Capital city Victoria.

Throughout your day in Victoria, you’ll find the city’s compact size, well-maintained sidewalks, and pedestrian-friendly streets make it easy and enjoyable to explore on foot. So lace up your walking shoes and immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Canada’s most walkable city.

  1. Early Morning Departure from Seattle: Catch an early morning ferry from Seattle to Victoria.  leaving Seattle at 8 am you’ll arrive in Victoria at 11 am.  Located at Pier 69 in downtown Seattle.  Make sure you have your passports and id’s.
  2. Ferry Ride: Enjoy the scenic ferry ride across Puget Sound and through the beautiful Gulf Islands.  The ferry ride takes approximately 3 hours.
  3. Arrival in Victoria Inner Harbour: Begin your day at Victoria’s picturesque Inner Harbour. Take a stroll along the waterfront, admiring the iconic landmarks such as the Parliament Buildings, the Fairmont Empress Hotel, and the Royal BC Museum.
  4. Explore Bastion Square: Head to Bastion Square, a historic area lined with charming heritage buildings housing shops, galleries, and restaurants. Explore the cobblestone streets and discover local artisans’ work in the boutiques.
  5. Wander through Chinatown: Victoria’s Chinatown is one of the oldest in Canada and boasts a vibrant atmosphere with colourful storefronts, traditional architecture, and bustling markets. Take a stroll through Fan Tan Alley, the narrowest street in Canada, and explore the shops and eateries.
  6. Afternoon Tea: Consider indulging in the British tradition of afternoon tea at one of Victoria’s elegant tearooms. The Fairmont Empress Hotel is famous for its afternoon tea service and offers a luxurious setting overlooking the Inner Harbour.
  7. Return to Seattle: In the late afternoon or early evening, head back to the ferry terminal to Seattle. Again, check the ferry schedule and arrive early to avoid any delays.
  8. Evening Arrival in Seattle: Arrive back in Seattle in the evening, reflecting on a memorable day trip to Victoria.

Remember to bring your passport or other valid identification for customs when crossing the border between the United States and Canada.