Message from our CEO Craig Norris

At this time of year, Victoria is traditionally a-buzz with the sounds of guests arriving from all over the world to enjoy our most remarkable season, Spring. From mid-February through June, Victoria bursts with extraordinary colour, awash with the light crisp clean misty breeze washing off the Pacific. With all the pain that has come with COVID-19 there is a palatable positive change that has come to the nature that surrounds us on all sides as it experiences an exceptional breath of fresh air. With a pause in cruise ships, ferries, and plane traffic there is a level of serenity surrounding the harbour that has not been experienced for more than a century.

Theses are remarkable times and can be enjoyed if we do what needs to be done to enjoy them safely and responsibly. We continue to welcome guests to the marina under our strict COVID-19 management plan.  We know you want to get out so we are adding COVID-19-friendly events to our summer season regularly.   The Superyacht Group has also posted a recent summary article from us at Superyacht COVID-19 Advisory-British Columbia. See you all soon.”