Transporting a Yacht to Victoria

The Victoria International Marina works with the world’s top yacht transport companies to bring you a seamless departure and arrival experience when shipping your vessel. We are seeing more and more of our customers take advantage of yacht transport to reposition their vessel and so have made it our business to polish the experience for agents, captains, and owners. Transports are arriving at least monthly from three major transport providers. Just last week we hosted two large yachts freshly off transport both requiring several last-minute services, including moorage.
The yacht transport business is full of unpredictable details that often result in loading and unloading scheduling being relatively unpredictable. We can assist in arranging a Captain to transport the vessel to or from the transport ship to our marina, so you don’t have to worry about timing.  We also work with an extensive catalogue of reputable agents, mechanics, crew, cleaners, and other service providers that will get the vessel ready for its next cruise.
To inquire about moorage, arrange a rendezvous or for any of our yacht services, including yacht transport, please call our concierge desk at +1 778 432 0477. We can moor any vessel with an LOA over 65′ (20m) or with a maximum draft of 10’-14.5’ (3.0-4.5m), as the draft varies by slip.

2021 Victoria Yacht Shipping Schedule