Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest

Your adventure starts here. The Victoria International Marina is a sanctuary at the gateway to the Pacific Northwest. Discover 25,000 kms (15,534 miles) of coastal wonder between Victoria, BC and Alaska. Cruise the coast of Washington, BC’s Salish Sea and Alaska, including the Inside Passage, a maze of deep channels, quiet coves, majestic marine life and forested islands.

The coast of the Pacific Northwest is home to a rich, diverse and unique history. On your journey along the Pacific Marine Corridor, visit cultural centres and heritage sites to learn about local customs and traditions, while experiencing authentic music, art, food and dance.

This is a coast like no other, with majestic mountains, spectacular waterfalls, protected bays and friendly communities. British Columbia waterways offer the epitome of pristine nature, sure to ignite the imagination and delight the soul. The area is ideal for your leisure pleasure, dotted with charming beach towns, fishing villages and rustic wilderness lodges. The glistening Salish Sea, countless islands, fjords and channels, as well as the open coasts of Vancouver Island West and Haida Gwaii await you.

The cruising corridor’s remarkable network of marine parks and protected areas ensure chance encounters with seals, several species of whales and porpoise, otters, and bears. With abundant fishing in the archipelagos, and many of the fishing grounds being quite remote, you’ll take advantage of the most productive fishing waters anywhere. Chinook and other salmon are easily accessible, as well as rockfish, lingcod and halibut.

British Columbia’s coast is the ancestral homeland of several First Nations who are stewards of their natural surroundings. They are proud of their culture and are happy to guide you as you explore the beauty of their land.