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Yacht Provisioning from Victoria to Alaska

  • We are very competitive with all options for winter moorage – “what would it take to convince you to let us host your vessel for the winter?”
  • Security – we offer the highest level of security in the region, video and perimeter monitoring.
  • Crew Facilities – Exclusive reception lounge, onsite business facilities, oceanfront event space, crew lounge, gym and spa-like showers.  Happy crew happy owner.
  • Yacht Monitoring – any level of yacht monitoring available. At the minimum, we walk the docks three times a day and inspect each berth for evidence of issues. Yacht monitoring services available through the marina service network at an additional fee.
  • Maintenance Opportunities – Quiet works are permitted. Ample power is available for maintenance and repairs. A long list of trusted service providers for any works needed.
  • Consistent and Reliable power – Most advanced power delivery and monitoring system installed at the marina. We monitor and report on any spikes in power deliver to your vessel.
  • Wave attenuation protection – the marina is protected with an engineered breakwater that eliminates all wave action offering complete wave protection from winter storms.
  • Venue for hosting winter events – consider hosting a winter event in the marina’s event space and combined with an evening on-board the vessel for your guests. We can also work with you, your captain and your crew to rent out your vessel for bespoke evening dining experiences and or winter day cruises.

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Moorage Reservations