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Facilities for Yacht Owners

Guest Facilities are exclusively available to Victoria International Marina guests, and include:

  • Onsite Business Facilities  Private boardroom/office space, business administrative support services, courier, mail and storage services.
  • Exclusive Reception Lounge – Our stunning guest lounge is a continuation of the surroundings, bringing the outside inside. Local fir graces the ceiling, giving one the feeling of being in a forest. The floor, finished with phosphorescents, moves like the ocean floor. Enjoy a warm “home port” in front of the fire, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The lounge is available 24/7 exclusively for our guests.
  • Crew Lounge The private living room for yacht staff includes a large living area, communication booths, theatre wall, bar, gym, washrooms and spacious showers.
  • Waterfront Parlour Our stunning Waterfront Parlour room brings the natural beauty of the west coast indoors, offering an exclusive place for you to sit back and relax beside the fire, converse with others.
  • Venue for Events – The Waterfront Parlour is available to marina guests for private events; functions of up to 100 people will enjoy breathtaking southeast views through two-story canted windows.