BC’s pristine coastline is what makes the Victoria International Marina so special and it’s our duty to protect it. On land and water, from design to operations, we’re committed to preserving our harbour and local environment. Enjoy the very best with the knowledge that we’re prepared and invested in keeping it safe.

As ambassadors of the Pacific marine lifestyle we have a vision of creating remarkable experiences for our guests. We hold a deep respect for the marine ecosystem and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in our industry, we operate based on the principle that we must protect what we love and lead the way to a new kind of luxury eco-tourism in our region.   Yacht Destinations

Victoria International Marina has committed to the following environmental goals:

We have a deep respect and appreciation for the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and we recognize that ecological health is vital to both our industry and our region. We understand that we must play an active role in conserving and restoring the habitats and waterways in which we operate. What we are doing:

  • Engaged in shoreline rehabilitation and are fully honouring an established Habitat Conservation Plan for our region.
  • Partnered with local conservation groups, including Friends of Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary.
  • Signed the pledge to certify with the Clean Marine BC program (, an eco-certification for marinas developed by the Georgia Strait Alliance.


Victoria International Marina is committed to taking responsibility for our impact on climate change, with the ultimate goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2020. We first minimize our carbon footprint by choosing renewable and energy-efficient technologies and reducing and recycling waste. We will then purchase carbon offsets to neutralize our remaining emissions.

What we are doing:   

  • Committed to reducing and recycling waste, such that 90% of all waste produced and collected onsite out of the landfill.
  • Our onsite waste management system includes separated streams for organics, paper, cardboard, glass, tin, soft and hard plastics, Styrofoam, batteries & electronics, and oil.
  • Building uses energy-efficient air source heat pumps and ENERGYSTAR equipment.
  • Renewable energy credits purchased to offset natural gas use onsite.

We believe we have the ability to create a positive impact on the local economy by partnering with the best local businesses in the region, from our tenants and suppliers to the eco-tourism companies we recommend to our guests.

What we are doing:

  • Screen tenants and suppliers for environmental and social best practices.
  • Host a variety of community events, with dedicated resources to reducing the events environmental impact.
  • Work with Legacy, a non-profit that helps First Nations take ownership of eco-tourism enterprises.

We want to encourage the adoption of clean technology in our industry. We are leading the way by choosing to invest in alternative transportation and establishing research partnerships that help us unearth the potential for a greener future in boating.

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