Ballet Bay Anchorage

Ballet Bay, on Nelson Island, is a popular, well-protected anchorage in Blind Bay.

Ballet Bay can be entered from the north, but many rocks obstruct the path and close attention is called for.   The easier entry is from the west, between Nelson Island and Clio Island,  If you do enter from the west, the rock shown at the point before you turn into Ballet Bay truly is there, and farther offshore than you might expect.   Please give it a wide berth.  Many rocks around Ballet Bay are marked with sticks or small floats but don’t count on all the rocks being marked.  Not all the rocks are charted.  Go slowly and pay attention.

Ballet Bay

The center of Ballet Bay is good-holding mud, but the bottom grows rockier toward shore.  A trial reportedly connects Ballet Bay and Hidden Basin, although all Evertz found were “no trespassing” signs.

Ballet Bay (Nelson Island) Charts 3312, 3512; on Southside of Blind Bay.   Entrance: 49°43.02’N, 124°11.83’W
Anchorage (SE shore): 49°43.13’N, 124°10.85’W

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