Quait Bay Anchorage

Quait Bay.  Quait Bay is located on the east shore of Cypress Bay.  With its 35-foot depths, anchoring is good just about anywhere.  The most popular spot, though, is in the little cove in the east corner, in about 10 feet.

A submerged concrete structure lies in the mouth of the two nooks at the back of the cove at 49°16.603’N 125°50.843’W.   The structure dries at 2 feet.  Enter Quait Bay on the northwest side of the 45-meter is land, favouring the northwest shore.  The chart makes the course clear.   In 2016 the large floating lodge building just inside the entrance was closed but occupied by a caretaker.  For a peek at what life is like for Clayoquot Sound’s year-round residents, take your dinghy out the east entrance of Quait Bay to the next unnamed cove to the east and visit Wayne Adams and Catherine King in their floating garden on their magenta and turquoise floating home.

Quait Bay Chart 3673.  Entrance (west side of island): 49°16.36′ N, 125°51.57′ W
Anchorage: 49°16.57′ N, 125°51.07′ W

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