Turnbull Cove Anchorage

Turnbull Cove.  Turnbull Cove is a large, popular, and beautiful bay, with lots of room and good anchoring in 30 to 50 feet.  Avoid the areas in front of recent slides.  The bottom is probably foul with debris.  Chappell warns that an easterly gale can turn the entire bay into a lee shore, so be aware that such winds are forecast.

The Ministry of Forests built a trail from Turnbull Cove over the mountain to Huaskin lake.  A large float for swimming, a picnic table, a tent platform, and a fire pit area at the lake.  It’s really nice.  The trail goes straight up and straight back down, and it’s muddy in places.  Steps and even a handrail are on the lakeside.  They make a big difference.  The lake is scenic and looks as if it goes forever.

Approach:  Currents of 2+ knots flow through the channel leading to the entry.  The currents are not hazardous, but they can come as a surprise.  The west side of the entry to Turnbull Cove is charted as clear, but lots of kelp is growing there.  A mid-channel course is recommended.

Turnbull Cove Chart 3547; lies off the NW entrance to Kenneth Passage; 2.8 mi NE of Claydon Bay.  Entrance: 50°.57.38’N, 126°49.78’W   Anchor: 50°57.44’N, 126°50.54’W

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