Sechelt Inlet BC Coast

Beautiful Sechelt Inlet, with a few anchorages and limited facilities for pleasure craft, is often passed by especially with Princess Louisa Inlet at the end of the nearby Jervis Inlet.  Sechelt Rapids also serves as a gate to keep out all but the determined.

To explore Sechelt Inlet and its arms, use Chart 3512 (1:80:000) or Chartbook 3312.  The inlet is shown at 1:40,000 in Chartbook 3312.  Sechelt Inlet extends about 15 miles south of Sechelt Rapids.  It ends at Porpoise Bay, the back door to the village of Sechelt, where there is a public float and easy anchorage.  Two arms, Salmon Inlet and Narrows Inlet run from the eastern side of Sechelt Inlet into the heart of the Earle mountain range.  A number of provincial park sites are in Sechelt Inlet, most of the best suited to small boats that can be pulled up on the beach.

Inflow winds can blow from south to north in Sechelt Inlet and up in Salmon Inlet and Narrows Inlet.  Even when the northern part of Sechelt Inlet is near calm, the southern part can be increasingly windy.  In Salmon Inlet and Narrows Inlet, the inflow winds will grow stronger as the inlets deepen and narrow.  Outflow winds can develop at night, but in the summer they often don’t unless a strong southeasterly is blowing out on the strait.

The tidal range does not exceed 10 feet in Sechelt Inlet, and the times of high and low tide are 2 to 3 hours after Point Atkinson.  Two secondary ports, Porpoise Bay and Storm Bay are shown in Tide & Current Tables, Vol. 5.  Current predictions for Tzoonie Narrows, in Narrows Inlet, are shown under secondary Stations in Tide & Current Tables, Vol. 5 and Ports and Passes.  Depths at the head of the inlet are shallow enough for easy anchoring over a mud bottom.  Usually, there are other boats at anchor and a number of private buoys, but it’s a large area with ample space.

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