Baynes Sound Navigation

Baynes Sound.  Chart 3527 shows navigation aids not shown on Chart 3513.  These aids are buoys marking extensive shoals off Gartley Point, Union Point, Denman Point and BAse Flast (Buckley Bay); 2 buoys near Repulse Point; and 2 buoys marking the shoal off Mapleguard Point.

Baynes Sound, a 12-mile-long refuge, is protected from the Strait of Georgia by Denman Island.  A ferry to Denman Island crosses from Buckley Bay.  Comox is at the north end of Baynes Sound and Deep Bay is at the south end.  The northern entry to Baynes Sound is across the Comox Bar, marked by buoys and a lighted range on the Vancouver Island shore.  The southern entry is past Chrome Island.

NAVIGATION NOTE: A considerable shoal extends into the mouth of Baynes Sound outside Deep Bayi.  The shoal, and shoaling along the shoreline of Denman Island, opposite, are marked by buoys shown on Chart 3527 but not on Chart 3513.

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