Cruise the Pacific Northwest Passage

The coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) beckon you with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. An extraordinary combination of land and sea make the PNW one of the most compelling destinations in the world. From the Victoria International Marina (VIM), up through the inside passage, a bespoke experience where every nautical mile elicits awe will await you. Wake-up to the symphonic sounds of the wilderness, travel through towns rich in history and culture, repose nestled between snow-capped mountains, natural waterfalls and the mighty Pacific Ocean. Explore the temperate rainforests, and the hidden coves and inlets surrounded by undisturbed beaches and forests for thousands of miles.

With the Canadian Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Mounted Police units monitoring channel 16 on your VHF radio you can be assured assistance is just a call away while cruising the PNW waters. “Our waters are among the safest in the world,” says the Detachment Commander of the South Island Integrated Marine Unit. The cruising waters of the inside corridor are safe from large rolling ocean swells. However, knowing your tides and charts is important as some passages require punctual timing to pass through safely. The stable weather from April to October offer a long and safe yachting season.

The allure of the of the PNW seduces her visitors with some of the British Columbia’s most spectacular destinations in the world: the secluded quiet of Desolation Sound, the majesty of the scattered islands of the Broken Group, and the varied and colourful personalities Gulf Islands all await your arrival. Cruising the waters of the luxuriant west coast offer an exceptional yachting experience. “The best cruising grounds in the world,” says Norm Edwards Publisher and Designer of Ship to Shore Publications. Yachting these grounds provide exclusive access to secluded golden beaches, imposing glaciers and ancient forests.

Pacific Northwest and its waters are a playground for diverse wildlife. The coastal waters not only house the migration routes of orcas, grey whales and humpback whales, but the Pacific Rim is on the migration route for dozens of rare bird species making it a prime destination to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. Orcas or dolphins play alongside your yacht while bald eagles circle above. In the fall, visit the salmon run and maybe even spot a bear feasting at the rivers. “The wildlife is indescribable,” says Matthew Martin from Bayassist Marine Group.

Our picturesque cruising waters provide the ultimate fishing, scuba diving and wildlife experiences. Catch local crab, prawns, halibut, salmon, and octopus! Have a chef prepare you an authentic west coast seafood meal. VIM can facilitate these remarkable adventures by providing you with world class chefs, SUP instructors (Paddle Boarding), scuba instructors and much more!

British Columbia’s remote destinations provide an unforgettable adventure; the opportunity to explore and experience the power and beauty of nature. Your lifetime of remarkable memories can be created for you with the assistance of the VIM concierge.