Fiordland Recreation Area Anchorage

The Fiordland Recreation Area was established in 1987 and is some of the most striking country on the coast.  The mountains are sheer and beautiful and the wildlife abundant, but anchorages are just about nonexistent.  Fortunately, good anchorage can be found in Windy Bay, only a short distance away.

Fiordland begins just east of Bolin Bay at the north end of Sheep Passage and includes Mussel Inlet and Kynoch Inlet.  We include Bolin Bay in this section because it is so pretty, and Windy Bay because it is the best anchorage near Fiordland.

Windy Bay. Windy Bay is on the south shore of Sheep Passage, near the eastern end.  The chart shows anchorage in the middle, but more protected anchorage is in 60 feet in what we call Cookie Cove, just east of the little island at the northeast corner of the bay.  Excellent holding.

Chart: 3962; 4.5 Miles Southwest of Mathieson Narrows
Entrance: 52°47.28’N, 128°13.78′ West
Anchorage: 52°47.08’N, 128°12.86’West

Bolin Bay.  Bolin Bay is set in a bowl of sheer rock mountains with a beautiful drying flat at the head.   There are a few spots with depths of 35 to 60 feet near the head of the bay.  With care, you might get a safe amount of scope out and stay off the flats.  Windy Bay is a better choice.

Chart: 3962, 3 miles North of Windy Bay
Entrance: 52°50.24’N, 128°12.15′ West
Anchorage: 52°50.15’North, 128°12.97’West

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