Goldstream Harbour Anchorage Northern BC

Goldstream Harbour.  Goldstream Harbour is a lovely little anchorage at the north end of Hecate Island.  Enter from the east favouring Hat Island, which extends from the south shore about 0.2 miles inside.  Don’t favour Hat Island too closely, though; rocks extend out from it.  Hat Island is not named on the chart, but its height (39 meters) is shown.  Once past Hat island, pass Evening Rock, which dries at 1.2 meters, leaving it to starboard.  Evening Rock lies about 300 feet off the northwest corner of Hat Island. (it helps to refer to the chart as you read these instructions.)  Inside, the middle of Goldstream Harbour is about 30 feet deep.  Rocks extend out from the shore, so pick your anchoring spot carefully to swing safely.  This is a nice protected spot with an opening in rocks to look out at the conditions in Hakai Pass.

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