Involve Your Crew in Developing a Perfect West Coast Itinerary

Planning an itinerary for you and your crew generates enthusiasm for the trip and establishes team effort.  For many, trip planning is part of the fun, starting months before the actual trip.  You can dream about what your cruise will be like through the Gulf Islands or Desolation Sound.

You can start by involving the crew create the first draft as Captain.  Look through the many online cruising guides available like the store.  Start that short list of places you want to visit for the first time, re-visit, or see from a different point of view and share what guests who have previously never seen this beautiful area

Everyone can prioritize actives and destinations based on their interests and work together to finalize the itinerary.  Depending on how much time you have for the trip and knowing the distances involved, you can create an itinerary with reasonable expectations.  Time should be factored in for provisioning, fuel stops, weather delays, and transiting any rapids along your route.  Consider time for relaxing too.  Those on a tight schedule might move to a different destination every day to see as much as possible.  Others plan for a day or two, or plan short cruising legs to allow plenty of time to fully enjoy a destination.

Asking a few basic questions will help you develop an itinerary.  Many boaters have preconceived ideas about their anticipated cruise, or expect to see and do certain things they have in mind.  A pre-planned itinerary, with some specifics, helps set the expectations for a pleasant and rewarding cruise.   Consider:  How much time do you have, including the trip back? What speed do you expect to cruise at?  What do you want to see?  The list could include wildlife, quaint villages, cannery ruins, museums, or simply relax at remove anchorages.   Crews love stopping at Victoria International Marina with our crew lounge, private gym, showers, pool table and ping-pong challenges.

What activities do you want to do?  Perhaps go fishing, swimming, or kayaking.  Or you my prefer attending happy hours at the smaller marinas, or souvenir shopping when in town.  Walking the beaches and hiking the trails found on many of the islands is always a favorite.  You may have a crew that is split where some will want to see the local museums while other rummage through the shops in town.

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