Nuchatlitz Provincial Park Anchorage

Nuchatlitz Provincial Park Anchorage.  Nuchatlitz Provincial Park is a beautiful and interesting stop with a well-protected anchorage.  It’s a favourite among kayakers and campers.  The area contains a number of archeological treasures, including burial canoes on land and burial caves on the outer islands.

The entry to Nuchatlitz is very complex with numerous rocks and reefs; a careful study of the charts is warranted.  Inside, a large bay has a uniform bottom with approximately 30 to 40-foot anchoring depths.  In good weather, if you choose an anchoring spot where you can see over the islands towards the northwest, you may be rewarded with a magnificent sunset.  The anchorage can be absolutely calm with the wind dies in the evening, but you can hear the surf breaking on the outer islands.

The abandoned Indian village of Nuchatlitz is on the shore of a 44-meter island marked Indian Reserve, above a marvellous beach.  At low tide, you can walk the drying sand bar from the reserve island to a second 44-meter island to the west.  Although the village was moved from this site to Espinosa in the 1980s, the site is still visited by the band.  Local kayak tours use it as a landing site.

A number of private homes dot the shores of a privately-owned unmarked island on the south side of the anchorage.  Private buoys mark the route past the submerged rock to home on the island’s backside and to a shallow lagoon.  Use Chart 3676, which reflects hydrographic work performed between 1992 and 1996.

The easy but long entry to Nuchatlitz is from the northeast, passing east to Rosa Island.  From there the chart makes the course clear: Follow the winding channel east of the 37-meter and 34-meter islands.  and east of the two red spar buoys M46 and M48 (Red, Right, Returning).  At Buoy M48 the bay opens up.  Both Douglass and Yeadon-Jones described a second, more direct entrance, leaving the light on the 37-meter island to starboard as you enter.

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