Owen Bay Anchorage

Owen Bay is large and pretty.  Our recommended anchorage is in the second little notch on the west side of the bay.  This notch is quite protected and has room for about 5 boats if the spots are well-chosen and stern-ties are used.  Enter Owen Bay through a narrow channel between Walters Point and Grant Island.  A reef, marked by kelp, extends from Walters Point nearly halfway across this channel.  It will inspire you to hug the Grant Island side.  Correspondent Pat Shera adds that there are good holdings and shelter near the small public float on the east side of the bay.  Shera also says that the northeastern head of Owen Bay has “acres of good holding on a flat bottom.”  That area, however, is subject to being hit by strong (and cold) outflow winds from Bute Inlet.  He was “kissed by the Bute” one sleepless night and knows what he’s talking about.

A trail leads from the public float to Hole in the Wall.  Correspondent Bruce Evertz informs us that for most of the distance the trail is a road that passes several homes and home building sites, and then gets overgrown.  Shortly before reaching the water in Diamond Bay, it becomes a plank road that turns 90 degrees to the right.  Don’t turn.  Continue ahead, onto a footpath, which leads to a good view of Hole in the Wall rapids, part of Upper Rapids, and the Octopus Islands.

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