Port Neville Anchorage – Johnstone Strait

Port Neville is an 8-mile-long inlet, a popular hideout for the fishing fleet, and an excellent spot to duck into if the weather in Johnstone Strait deteriorates.  The inlet is a good anchorage. A government dock and float are a short distance inside, along the eastern shore.   Boomed logs are stored in several places toward the inner end of the inlet.  No public facilities or services are in the vicinity.  The current can run swiftly past the government float, so plan your approach carefully.  Remember, there’s no shame in making several attempts before you get your landing right.

If you go ashore, keep pets on a leash.  Wild animals (grizzly bears and black bears) and protective mother deer are in the area.

On the west side of Robbers Nob, near the tip, several petroglyphs can be seen below the high tide line.  The property above the high tide line is private.

Anchore directly south of the MSh symbol on Charts 3545 and 3564.  You will be in 15 feet of water at zero tide, about 200 feet from shore.  Excellent holding.  Not super-protected, but out of the teeth of the westerly.

Port Neville Charts 3564, 3545
Entrance: 50°29.11’N, 126°05.30’W
Public Float: 50°29.56’N, 126°05.26’W
Anchor: 50°29.57’N, 126°05.56’W
Anchor: 50°30.38’N, 126°04.21W

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