Port San Juan Anchorage

For shelter off the Strait on the Canadian side consider Port San Juan, about halfway between Victoria and Barkley Sound.  Port San Juan is a rectangular notch in Vancouver Island, with Port Renfrew on the eastern shore near the head of the bay.  A public dock at Port Renfrew has limited moorage.

You can also anchor, with some protection, close to shore along the west side of Port San Juan, or tie to one of the log rafts boomed in the mouth of Gordon River, at the northwest corner of the bay.

There is also good anchorage close to shore behind Woods Nose.  Woods Nose breaks up the swell, and trees ashore block much of the wind.  A well maintained trail lads from this anchorage to a paved road.  Take a right at the road, walk another 15 minutes, and arrive at Botanical Beach Provincial Park.

The old hotel and pub at the head of the public dock has rooms, and just beyond is the Lighthouse Pub, modern and up-scale.  Port Renfrew is the end of the road and the large Lighthouse Pub seems out of place until it’s explained that in the summer some 2,000 people per day-hikers, kayakers and sight-seers-pour through the town.

Charts 3647 & 3606.  Entrance buoy “YK”: 48°32.07′ N, 124°29.10′ W

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