Preedy Harbour Anchorage

Preedy Harbour indents the southwest corner of Thetis Island, due west of Telegraph Harbour.  The ferry from Chemainus calls there.  From the south, enter between Hudson Island and three long, think reefs, marked with red (starboard hand) lights and day beacons.  From Stuart Channel enter between Hudson Island and Dayman Island.  Reefs, marked by green buoys on the Dayma Island side and a light on the Hudson Island side, extend from both these islands.  Because the Hudson Island light is positioned upland from the toe of its reef, favour the Dayman Island buoys.

Entry from the north is clear as long as you stay mid-channel.  For all three entries, check the chart carefully so you know where the reefs are, and how to avoid them.

A day-use-only community dock is in the northwest corner of Preedy Harbour, near the ferry landing.  Anchorage is good in this area, keeping in mind the ferry comings and goings.

Preedy Harbour Charts 3477, 3442, 3443, 3313; 0.5 miles West of Telegraph Harbour
Entrance (SW, .17 miles S of Dayman Island): 45°58.79’N, 123°41.26’W
Entrance (NW, 0.5 miles West of Crescent Point); 48°59.05’N, 123°42.17’W
Anchorage: 48°58.76’N, 123°40.87’W

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