Sargeaunt Passage Anchorage

Sargeaunt Passage.  Sargeaunt Passage connects Knight Inlet and Tribune Channel and has anchorage at either end of the narrows, although one cruiser warned us about old logging cables fouling their anchor on the southeast side.  The passage runs between steep-sided mountains, and is beautiful.  The shoal in the middle extends from the east shore across much of the passage.  Favour the west shore.  We found the depth at the narrow part was less than shown on the cart.

Sargeaunt Passage Charts 3515, 3545; lies between Viscount Island and the mainland.  Entrance (S): 50°.40.05’N, 126°11.35’W,  Entrance (N): 50°42.86’N, 126°11.71’W   Anchorage (S) of narrows: 50°.41.60’N, 126°11.78’W  Anchorage (N) of narrows: 50°42.02’N, 126°11.81’W 

Tribune Channel.  Tribune Channel borders the east and north sides of Gilford Island.  The only marina on Tribune Channel is at Kwatsi Bay.  Lacy Falls can be stunning.

Tribune Channel Chart 3515; leads around the E & N sides of Gilford Island
Entrance (SE, via Clapp Passage): 50°38.96’N, 126°16.48’W
Entrance (SE, via Nickoll Passage): 50°39.69’N, 126°13.27’W
Entrance  (NW, via Raleigh Passage) 50°46.90’N, 126°31.31’W
Entrance (NW, via Hornet Passage) 50°46.70’N, 126°28.87’W

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