Shoal Bay Johnstone Strait Anchorage

Shoal Bay Anchorage.  Shoal Bay has a public float with good anchorage off the outboard end.  The water shallows dramatically at the head of the bay.  Shoal Bay is protected from most winds blowing down Cordero Channel but is open to wakes from passing boats.  It has a beautiful view up Phillips Arm.  It’s a good place to wait for slack water at the rapids north or south.  Rafting is mandatory; set out fenders on both sides.  The docks fill quickly during the summer, so arrive early or be prepared to anchor out.  No power or water at the docks.  Mark MacDonald is the wharfinger, and moorage fees are collected at the Shoal Bay Pub, just up the head of the wharf.

Shoal Bay Pub is open from May 1st to October 1st.  Free Wi-Fi at the pub, washrooms, showers, laundry, guest cabins.  The pub has cold beer and other beverages, indoor seating, and a deck with breathtaking views up Phillips Arm.

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