Sydney Inlet Clayoquot Sound

Sydney Inlet is the northern entrance to Clayoquot Sound.  It is adjacent to Hot Springs Cove and leads approximately 11 miles into the mountains of Vancouver Island with several good anchorages.   Rounding Sharp Point after leaving Hot Springs Cove, be aware of two charted but unmarked off-lying rocks.  The first is fairly close to Sharp Point and easy to avoid.  The second is about 0.2 mile off.  Most boats will choose to pass between the two rocks.  Be sure you know where you are.  Once in Sydney Inlet, the fairway is open and unencumbered.  Reader Don Thain reports that seas otters are now well established in Sydney Inlet and that crabbing is poorer where the sea otters have colonized.

Sydney Inlet Unnamed Cove.  This is the cove that lies behind the 65-meter island about 0.5 mile south of Hootla-Kootla Bay, at latitude 49.21.85N on the east shore of Sydney Inlet.  (Douglass, in both editions of Exploring Vancouver Island’s West Coast, mistakenly calls this cove Hootla-Kootoa, but the chart leaves it unnamed and calls the next cove to the north Hootla-Kootla.)  Enter from the south.  You’ll see a beautiful white beach.  Although the water is a little shallow near the beach, it’s the prettiest spot in the cove.  You could also anchor at the north end of the cove, behind the 65 meter high island.  Do not attempt to enter the cove at the north end.  It is foul.

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