Teakerne Arm Anchorage – Desolation Sound

Teakerne Arm.  Teakerne Arm is a deep inlet extending from Lewis Channel into West Redonda Island.  Anchorage is just inside the entrance in Talbot Cove, or in front of the waterfall from Cassel Lake at the head of the north arm, or in the south arm.  Both arms are deep, except very close to shore.

The area near the waterfall is a provincial park, with a dinghy float connected to the shore by an aluminum ramp.  Anchorage is 90 to 150 feet.  A cable in fair but serviceable condition hangs down the rock wall west of the waterfall for stern ties.  Several rings are set in the rock just above the high tide line and on either side of the dinghy dock.  The waterfall is stunning, about 2 1/2 stories high.  Taking the short, vigorous hike from the dinghy float to Cassel Lake for a swim is a popular pastime.  The water warms in the summer.

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