Victoria Harbour Mandatory Traffic Lanes

All vessels 65 feet LOA and less must enter and depart Victoria’s Inner Harbour between Shoal Point and Laurel Point along the south shore, as shown in the accompanying harbour map.  Inbound vessels favor the docks; outbound vessels a little farther out.  The traffic lanes are marked by buoys (keep the buoys to port when entering and exciting).  The more open water in the middle of the harbor is used by the large number of float planes that land and take off constantly.  Because of the volume of boat and float plane traffic, no sailing is allowed inside the breakwater.  Sailboat under power must have sails lowered.

Yachts 65′ and over docking at Victoria International Marina

It’s important to follow the procedures listed below for your transit to Victoria International Marina.

Contact Harbour Patrol on VHF 18A as you are entering the harbour and begin to transit to the marina. Transit down the center of runway Bravo. Turn to your East onto the center of runway Alpha. Once you are abeam of Fisherman’s Wharf turn to port, exit runway Alpha and proceed North to the marina entrance keeping the white marker buoy to the port side.

If you need to clear Canadian Customs, you will find it on your starboard side just passed Fisherman’s Wharf Docks directly across from Victoria International Marina. It has a white and red sign and yellow capped pilings. Please let harbour patrol (VHF 18A) know you will be going to the customs dock before entering Victoria International Marina as you enter the harbour. Once you have completed with Customs, again contact harbour patrol before crossing the runway to enter the marina. Harbour patrol will give you the all clear.

To aid boaters, there are 4 white strobe lights, located at Shoal Point, Laurel Point, Pelly Island and Berens Island. They are activated by the flight service station up to 60 seconds prior to a seaplane taking off or landing.

The marina monitors VHF 68. Yacht tenders must be escorted by a VIM a tender for departure and re-entry to Victoria International Marina due to seaplane runways. Please contact VIM dock staff for assistance on VHF or phone 15 minutes prior to transit.

For all your yacht provisioning call our concierge desk at 778-432-0477.   If your looking for a superyacht marina we except 65′ to 180′ vessels.  Phone or book online to reserve your slip.