West Coast Moorage Reservations

Many West Coast marinas accept advance reservations for transient moorage.  Reserving moorage in advance is always a good idea and highly recommended during the busy summer season.  A Telephone call is the most universally accepted means for making reservations.  Increasingly, some marinas have web-based reservation systems and a few accept email requests.

Some marinas don’t require any credit card information but others do.  Ask about their policy for charging your credit card and about their cancellation policy in case weather or unexpected delays cause a change in plans.  Some marinas charge for no-shows.  Ask about your slip assignment; a few marinas assign a slip at the time of reservation, while others request you contact them by radio upon arrival.

It’s best to contact the marina directly for slip reservations.  There are a few third-party centralized marina slip reservation providers, which began on the U.S. East Coast and have a very limited number of west coast marinas under contract.  There are some websites that purport to have relationships with local marinas but do not.  Check with the marina first before contacting any third-party web providers.   It’s always best to go directly to the marina where you’ll be staying.  It’s much like the beginning of the hotel industries online booking portals that took a large percentage of the reservations.   However, some of the information on the hotel was not up-to-date such as swimming pool closures and construction.

Victoria International Marina has a secure online booking form and follow up with the client by phone.  The site also has important information on the arrival procedures entering the inner harbour and customs clearing for U.S. vessels.

For all your yacht provisioning call our concierge desk at 778-432-0477.   If you’re looking for a superyacht marina we accept 65′ to 180′ vessels.  More information on West Coast moorage reservations visit Waggoner Cruising Guide and order their latest travel guide.