Windy Bay Haida Gwaii Anchorage

Windy Bay Haida Gwaii.  Windy Bay, or Hlk’yah GaawGa, is a fair-weather anchorage used to visit the historic fishing village called Hlk’yah Llnagaay (Falcon Town).  Near here in 1985, the Haida blocked logging roads in their protest to put an end to logging on Lyell Island and protect the area that became Gwaii Haanas.  The longhouse is named “Looking Around and Blinking House” to honour this victory.   An old-growth forest contains trees over 1,000 years old and more than 200 feet tall.  A trail leads through huge Sitka price and western red cedar trees, draped with mosses and lichens.   The Haida Watchmen can point out culturally modified trees where the bark was stripped for making baskets or hats.  Some of these trees show where test holes were cut in them to check their suitability for making a canoe or carving a pole.

In August 2013, the Legacy Pole, the first new monumental pole in 130 years, was raised in Windy Bay.  This pole was carved to celebrate the 20 years of co-management of the Reserve by the Haida Nation and the government of Canada.  It is visible from the water.

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