Yacht Crew Placement West Coast

Appearing majestic as they glide effortlessly through the ocean, yachts require a skilled team to maintain their seemingly flawless nature. Gleaming and white, ultimately it’s a yacht’s crew who perfects their operation and overall experience. Perhaps just as important as choosing the right vessel is sourcing and recruiting skilled crew members. 

To help with yacht crew placement, VI Marina can connect you to ideal candidates who offer a balance of skill and experience in the following positions:


Primarily tasked with the safe operation of the vessel, a yacht captain is akin to a land-based CEO. Ultimately responsible for protecting the asset, Captains also oversee the guest or owner experience, while managing crew. Their additional tasks might include: overseeing upkeep and maintenance, planning itineraries, managing the budget and, planning and facilitating repairs and refits. 

Deck Crew

While the deck crew of larger vessels are tasked with maintenance, cleaning and facilitating water sports, smaller vessels have deck crews with task lists often blending into interior roles. In some cases, the exterior deck crew are multi-faceted helping with the meal and drink service and housekeeping too. Job titles of deck crew might include a Bosun and a deckhand.


Requiring the highest standard of hospitality and customer service, a steward or stewardess handles the service, housekeeping and laundry. Often thought of as responsible for the overall guest experience, a stew or stewardess tends to the interior of a vessel. Providing 5-star service and working long hours, a highly-skilled hardworking stew is crucial to an enjoyable voyage. 

Crew Admin

A yacht’s administrator is commonly known as a purser on larger vessels, where the administration on a smaller vessel might be handled by the stew or stewardess. In either case, the administrator will manage all of the financial affairs onboard. Requiring efficiency and attention to detail, a yacht’s admin (or purser) will need computer skills and a strong sense of organization. 


A yacht’s engineer is responsible for the upkeep and safe functioning of the vessel. Requiring troubleshooting skills, an engineer should provide quick and efficient diagnosis, with the ability to network with necessary contractors. The engineer should have intimate knowledge of the operation of the engines, fuel, generators, air conditioning, electrical systems, computers, and audiovisual equipment.


Among the most memorable part of yachting is its food. Providing culinary perfection regularly, a yacht’s chef faces long working hours, often preparing food for guests and crew. A chef’s duties might include: crafting decadent menus, being privy to allergies, keeping food safe, working within the confines of a budget, and sourcing ingredients. Depending on a yacht’s size, a chef may work alone or, in conjunction with a Sous Chef or Crew Chef.

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