Pendrell Sound Anchorage Desolation Sound

Pendrell Sound.  With Summer water temperatures dependably in excess of 68°F, Pendrell Sound has been called the “warmest saltwater north of Mexico.”  Major oyster culture operations are in the sound, providing seed oysters to growers all along the coast.

Strings of clutch material (often empty oyster shells) are suspended from floats in the bay until the oyster spat adheres to them, at which point they are shipped.

The favoured anchorage is at the head of Pendrell Sound, probably stern-tied to trees ashore.  Wear good shoes and sturdy gloves when you’re clambering around on the rocks.

Another anchorage is on the western shore, about three-quarters of the way up the sound, tucked in behind a small islet at the outfall from a saltwater lagoon.   “We tried this anchorage in deteriorating weather a few years ago but found the best spots, close to the islet, taken.  With nightfall approaching and conditions worsening, we got creative.  The chart shows the shore on the north edge of this cove as reefs, but we found a nice opening, perhaps 50′ wide, between two fingers of the reef.  We were able to set the anchor in front of the opening and back in.  A long stern tie was run to rocks onshore.  It took several changes in the stern-tie termination point to align the boat just right, but once done, the anchorage was snug and safe for the night.”

Pendrell Sound Charts 3541, 3312; enter from Waddington Channel 50°12.37’N, 124°45.17’W

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