Broken Group Anchorages

The Broken Group extends from the wind-and-wave-lashed outer islands to peaceful islands deep inside Barkley Sound.  The Broken Group is part of the Pacific Rim National Park, to be preserved in its natural state in perpetuity.  For many Northwest boaters, a holiday spent in the Broken Group is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Boats visiting the Broken Group will find dozens of little nooks and bights to put the hook down, depending on weather and the mood on the board.  Don Watmough, Don Douglass, and the Yeadon-Joneses all describe a number of them in their guides.   The major anchorages are Effingham Bay, Turtle Bay and nettle Island.

Broken Group Anchorages

On Chart 3670, the water faucet symbols on Effingham Island, Benson Island, Clarke Island, Turret Island, Willis Island and Gibraltar Island she be deleted.

The Broken Group is part of Pacific Rim National Park.  In order to protect native flora and fauna, pets are not permitted onshore anywhere in the Broken Group.

Broken Group Charts 3670 and 3671

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