Prideaux Haven Inside Eveleigh Island

The coves that make up the area generally known as Prideaux Haven are the most popular spots in Desolation Sound, with several requiring stern ties to increase the number of boats accommodated  The area is described in great detail by M. Wylie Blanchet in her classic book “The Curve of Time”.

At the head of Melanie Cove, you can find the remains of Mike’s place, and in Laura Cove, traces of old Phio Lavine’s cabin site are visible (both from “The Curve of Time”).  The evidence, however, is getting pretty faint.

The entire area and shallow waterways invite exploration by dingy or kayak.  The narrow pass between Scobell Island and the William Islands, for instance, is beautiful.  During high season, the only thing missing is solitude.  You’ll have lots of company.

Eveleigh Island.  Anchorage is in Eveleigh Anchorage, the western cove behind Eveleigh Island.  A drying reef connects Eveleigh Island with the mainland.  Entry to the other Prideaux Haven Desolation Sound anchorages is around the east end of Eveleigh Island.  A reef almost, but not quite, closes this entrance.  Use Chart 3555 (recommended) or Chartbook 3312.   Smaller-scale chart 3538 (1:40,000) shows the entry but with too little detail to inspire confidence.  After rounding Lucy Point, strongly favour the Eveleigh Island side of the passage to clear the reef.

Prideaux Haven Desolation Sound.  Inside Eveleigh Island is the main Prideaux Haven anchorage and also Melanie Cove.  Except in the very middle of Prideaux Haven and Melanie Cove, stern ties are the rule during the summer.  There are 13 stern-tie mooring eyes with chains along the southwest shore of Eveleigh Island and 3 stern-tie mooring eyes with chains on the southeast side of Scobell Island.  In 2016 seven new stern-tie mooring eyes were installed in Melanie Cove.

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