The Royal BC Museum

The Royal BC Museum, located in downtown Victoria 20-minute walk from the marina.   It is a renowned institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the natural and human history of BC. It is one of the province’s most significant cultural institutions and is known for its extensive collection of artifacts, specimens, and documents that illustrate the history, culture, and biodiversity of BC.

What you’ll find in the Royal BC Museum

Exhibits: The museum features a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibits that cover diverse topics, including First Nations cultures, the natural environment, colonial history, modern society, and more.

First Nations Gallery: This gallery is dedicated to the indigenous peoples of British Columbia, highlighting their rich cultural heritage, art, traditions, and history.

Natural History: The museum’s natural history exhibits showcase the flora and fauna of the region, including information about ecosystems, wildlife, geology, and paleontology.

Human History: The museum explores the human history of British Columbia, covering topics such as colonization, transportation, industry, and social change.

Imax Theatre: The Royal BC Museum houses an Imax Theatre that screens a variety of educational and entertaining films on a massive screen with high-quality sound.

Special Events: The museum hosts special events, lectures, workshops, and interactive programs for visitors of all ages.

Research: The museum also conducts research related to British Columbia’s natural and cultural heritage, contributing to academic understanding and public knowledge.

Archives and Collections: The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts, specimens, photographs, documents, and other materials that researchers and historians can access for study.

Community Engagement: The Royal BC Museum actively engages with the local community and beyond, offering educational resources, workshops, and programs to schools, families, and individuals interested in learning about the region’s history and biodiversity.

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