The Broughtons Kwatsi Bay

Located in the Broughtons is the inner cove of Tribune Channel’s Kwatsi Bay a stunning anchorage, one of the most impressive on the coast, surrounded by a high and sheer bowl of rock.  Sunrises and sunsets are magnificent.   The event building, on the concrete breakwater, is the first sight upon entering.  What used to be called Windsong Sea Village, under the cliff opposite Pierre’s, is now part of Pierre’s, known as The Cliffside.  In 2017 the event building was expanded out towards the water and is now connected to the building where the store is housed.

Echo Bay has much to offer.  Visit Billy Proctor’s museum of local artifacts.  A short but steep trail leads from Pierre’s to the museum.  An easier trail begins the Cliffside docks.  Book an Eco-Tour with Nikki Van Schyndel or take your dinghy over to Shoal Harbour and see local author and artist Yvonne Maximchuk’s at Seas Rose Studio.

A deep midden at the head of Echo Bay is easily investigated from the beach.  A schoolhouse once stood onshore but the school-age population of the area has fallen below the threshold needed to keep the school open.  The school closed in 2008, and was removed in fall 2014.  A good hike begins behind where the former schoolhouse stood, and leads back into the hills past two dams, across a couple of bridges, and onto a logging road.  The logging road is heavily overgrown with alder preventing you from going further.

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