Cabbage Island anchorage Gulf Islands

Cabbage Island Anchorage.  Cabbage Island is open all year, with 10 mooring buoys, toilets, no water and no showers.  Dogs must be on a leash.  It was reported that several of the buoys were out of place, making some potentially unusable.   No rafting on the buoys.  Maximum vessel size: 50′ for winds of 30 knots or less, and 40′ for winds of 37 knots or less.  This is a pretty anchorage between Cabbage Island and Tumbo Island, out on the edge of the Strait of Georgia.

The chart shows the entrance from the north between two long reefs.  Local knowledge advises crossing the reef on the Tumbo Channel side, between two patches of kelp, a short distance from the north tip of Tumbo Island.   This shows 30 feet under the keel all the way across.  Chartbook 3313 shows good depths at the location.  The island has picnic sites, campsites, and a wonderful sandy beach.  Crabbing is reportedly good.

Cabbage Island

Cabbage Island is interesting to explore.  It isn’t huge so you can walk around the entire island in a reasonable time.  Though tiny, the island is hardly dull.  The beaches are different on every side, ranging from white sand to sandstone reefs, to an aggregate of small rocks embedded in sandstone, to fine gravel.

Inland, you’ll find forests of arbutus (madrona), Garry oak and western red cedar.

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