Floatplane Travel and Delivery Along the Inside Passage

For cruisers who need to travel home during a cruise, need parts shipped to them, or want to have guest join them in remote areas, floatplane travel can be a good option.

Floatplane flying provides a new perspective for boaters.  If you can sit in a window seat, or even the co-pilot seat up front.  Take a small map so you can identify small islands as you fly by.  The view is unforgettable especially on a sunny day, the islands unfold dramatically.  Currents are visible.  Sometimes whales are spotted, and the pilot may even spend a few moments circling for a better view.  On cloudy days you’ll fly low 300 – 500 feet above the water.

Be prepared for a flight to have several stops along the route.  If transiting from one country to the other, there will be a stop for customs clearance.

Floatplane operators are accommodating delivering something important, provisions, parts or people to boats in remote anchorages.

BC floatplane

The cost to use a floatplane service may initially appear high, but the time saving and conveniences are huge.  Consider that it’s only a 3-hour flight from Port McNeill, near the north end of Vancouver Island, to Vancouver or Seattle.

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