Khutze Inlet BC Coast

Khutze Inlet stretches eastward from Graham Reach nearly 5 miles and rewards visitors with a stunning anchorage near the head.  From there you can look across the drying flats of the Khutze River into a broad valley with mountains on both sides.  Don’t get too close to the flats.  The water can be murky and the bottom comes up sharply.  A long and beautiful waterfall tumbles down the mountain to your right.  The outfall stream forums an alluvial fan off its mouth.  We’ve seen boats anchored here, and earlier editions suggested that you could find a good spot on that fan to put the hook down.  A few years ago, however, a 42 foot boat anchored in that location but swung too close to shore and went aground.

We have anchored toward the river mouth in 90 – 100 feet, and between the river mouth and the waterfall in 60 feet.  Approach the drying flats slowly until you reach your depth, and put the anchor down.  Note that a drying spit extends from the south shore of the Khutze River into the bay.   You want to anchor on the south side of that spit.  You can also anchor behind Green Spit near the mouth of the inlet.  One good spot is along the south shore, just west of the stream mouth.  The cart shows the right spot.

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