May 9th Victoria International Marina Guests

We had a fantastic sunny weekend at the Victoria International Marina with some of our local guests heading out to do some crabbing.

Steve Sinclair, Director of Operations – “We had a great time. We jumped into the marina tender and lead two sets of guests in their tenders to one of my secret crab spots. We dropped some traps early in the morning and headed back out a few hours later. With a total of 5 traps in the water we had over 60 crabs in them and 20 keepers. Everyone was so thankful, I was told they may never leave the marina. ” Now there is a “social distancing” dock party, crab feast and drinks in the sun… things are good at the marina!!!

We also had two yachts take advantage of Toque Catering’s “Dining at a Distance” with friends dropping down for drinks on the docks…all done at a distance”

Customer Review

Steve and Mark:
Thank you so much for making our time at the Marina fabulous.  Both of you made us feel like part of your Marina family.  Your facilities, docks, crew lounge and public spaces are amazingly beautiful and wonderfully decorated and without doubt the best on the Island if not the coast.  Steve:  Thank you for the table and I trust that you found it outside your office this morning.
Thank you so much.  We look forward to returning to your hospitality.Neil Hamilton
Southern CrossLarry Fine
O’ So Fine.