Melanie Cove Desolation Sound Anchorage

Melanie Cove in Desolation Sound is perfectly protected, with ample room along both shores for boats to anchor and stern-tie.    Stern-ties along the north shore are made easier with recently installed stern-tie mooring eyes, while the south shore requires a scramble up-shore to find a tree or rock anchor.   A few boats can anchor in the middle without a stern-tie.  An overgrown apple orchard and the site of Mikes’s cabin, warmly described in The Curve of Time, are at the head of the cove.  A small creek on the south shore, near the head, has a flowing hose.  The water is untreated, and not recommended for human consumption.

Correspondent Gil Flanagan tells us a trail runs between Melanie Cove and Unwin Lake, with a new section that bypasses an earlier hand-over-hand section.  He says the first half-mile is easy and has a nice view at the end.

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