Princess Louisa Inlet Chatterbox Falls Anchorages

Princess Louisa Inlet Chatterbox Falls Anchorages.   Princess Louisa Inlet, 4 miles long, is the “holy grail” for cruising people from all over the world  Entered through Malibu Rapids, the inlet is surrounded by 3000-foot-high mountains that plunge almost vertically into 600-foot depths below.  Entering Princess Louisa Inlet is like entering a great cathedral.   Please observe a no-wake speed limit.  Larger wakes bounce off the sides of the inlet.

As you clear Malibu Rapids and motor up Princess Louisa Inlet, you will be treated to waterfalls streaming down the mountainsides.  About halfway along, 5 mooring buoys are behind MacDonald Island.  It is possible to visit by dinghy after your boat is settled at Macdonald Island or park dock at Chatterbox Falls.

Princess Louisa Park is at the head of the inlet, surrounded by a bowl of high sheer cliffs that astonish even repeat visitors.  The 650-foot-long park dock will hold a large number of boats.  The dock is available at no charge, the maximum boat length is 55 feet and stays are limited to 72 hours.  Snug up close the boat in front to leave room for others.  The float at the end of the dock is for floatplanes.

Princess Louisa Inlet Anchorage

If the dock is full you will need to make use of the five mooring buoys at MacDonald Island.  Anchorage is possible a MacDonald Island but may not be practical due to depths and lack of swinging space.  Tow dinghy docks are provided on the mainland shore opposite MacDonald Island for visitors to access a 1.5 km loop trail.

Since most people don’t stay longer than a day or two, there’s good turnover.  A boat at anchor or on a mooring buoy need only wait for the twice-daily departure of boats from the dock running for slack at the Malibu Rapids.  Space then can be found before the next fleet arrives from the rapids.

The park is beautifully developed and maintained.  use the shoreside toilets.  Limit generator use to 9 am – 11 am in the morning and 6 pm to 8 pm in the evening.  Quiet hours are 11 pm to 7 am.  The water is warm enough for swimming, even by adults who usually don’t go in anymore.

There’s a covered fire pit for group get-togethers.  For those who wish, a short walk to the pools near the base of Chatterbox Falls will yield a cracking bath/shower followed by a power rinse.

Chartterbox Falls

Chatterbox Falls

A delightful waterfall-fed pool is hidden in the forest on the north side of the inlet.  From the dock, you can see a large boulder that marks the spot.  Land the dinghy on the small beach just beyond the boulder and walk a few steps to the pool.

With a fast boat, Princess Louisa Inlet could be seen in one day.  Zoom up for the morning slack at Malibu Rapids, see the sights for a few hours, and zoom out on the afternoon slack.  That, however, would be seeing Princess Louisa Inlet but not experiencing it.   We suggest at least three days for the trip: one day up 46-mile-long Jervis Inlet; the next day at the park; and the third day back down Jervis Inlet on the morning slack.

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