Rescue Bay Anchorage

Rescue Bay is the most popular anchorage on the BC North Coast.  It is well protected with good holding and has room for many boats.  Study the chart carefully before entering, and steer a determined mid-channel course between the two islands and the reefs that mark the entrance  Once inside Rescue Bay, scout around with the depth sounder and pick your spot carefully.  We saw one boat on the western side find the bottom at low tide, after being too eager to get the anchor down.

Note the drying rock in the southeast corner of the bay.  Note also the drying reef that extends from the east side of the bay, south of the round islet.  The reef covers at high water, and we anchored a little close to it.  After checking things out by dinghy and seeing how near the reef was, we re-anchored farther out.  At low water, the reef showed itself.  We were glad we had moved.

Rescue Bay Charts 3711, 3734, 15.5 miles N of Ivory Island
Entrance: 52°31.23’N, 128°17.30’W
Anchorage: 52°30.92’N, 128°17.29’W

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