Skedans Bay Haida Gwaii Anchorage

Skedans Bay Haida Gwaii.  Skedans (or K’uuna Llnagaay) is situated on the eastern tip of Louise Island.   It faces south onto Skedans Bay from a crescent beach that forms the neck of a small peninsula.  At the furthest north of all the Watchmen sites, its relative accessibility makes it one of the most often visited.  Skedans Bay is within the protected area of the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and requires a permit when visiting.  The procedure for visiting all sites within the protected areas is to contact the Haida Watchmen on VHF 06 before coming ashore.   If the site already has visitors, the Watchmen will ask you to stand by on the board unit the next group can come ashore.  K’uuna Llnagaay means Village at the Edge, but it was also known by the Haida as Grizzly-Bear-Town because of the large number of grizzly bear carvings found there.  Visiting traders name it Skedans, a corruption of the name of its chief, Gida’nsta.

In the mid-1800s almost 450 Haida lived here in about 26 longhouses.  Records show there were 56 monumental cedar sculptures, including frontal poles, single and double mortuary figures.

K’uuna Llnagaay is one of the few remaining village sites with some standing poles and remnants of large longhouses.  Crests featured on the poles, such as rainbow, frog, eagle, beaver, and two-finned killer whale, signify which the old village allows you to appreciate the artistry of the poles, now in varying stages of decay, and provide a glimpse of what Haida life might have been like many years ago.

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