Sooke Harbour and Becher Bay

Sooke Harbour enter between Company Point and Parsons Point.  The harbour is protected by Whiffen Spit (image above), which nearly blocks the passage.  Enter by keeping Whiffen Spit (with its small lighthouse) close to port, and follow the marked channel to town.  An area just inside Whiffen Spit has good anchorage, although wakes from passing boats make it rolly.  The Sooke Harbour marina, with guest moorage and other facilities, is south of Sooke Harbour Authority wharf.  The city floats usually are taken by commercial fish boats, but pleasure craft will find room when the fleet is out.

Sooke has a wide variety of services close to the city floats, including a marine railway and machine shop, groceries, fuel, and restaurants.  Currents run quite strongly along the city waterfront.  Be careful when landing.

Sooke Basin, the innermost harbour, is seldom visited by pleasure craft.  The shallow channel follows the curve of the shoreline east of Middle Ground, between Eliza Point and Trollope Point.  Notices to Mariners advises that entry to Sooke Basin ber made after low water during daylight hours, when the drying banks are visible.

Sooke Marina

Sooke is the only completely protected harbour between Victoria and Barkley Sound.   It is 15 miles closer to Barkley Sound than Victoria International Marina, often used as a departure point for boats heading up the west coast of Vancouver Island.

No customs clearance is available in Sooke.   The nearest Canadian Port of Entry is Victoria.

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