Tahsis Inlet and Village

Tahsis Inlet and Village.  Tahsis Inlet is long and narrow and bounded by mountains.  The wind funnels and blows up-inlet or down, depending on conditions.   The normal situation in prevailing westerly winds is for light or outflow winds in the morning and strong inflow winds in the afternoon, building stronger as you approach the town.  But during extended periods of warm weather, strong outflow winds can also develop, especially at night and early morning.  Gale force easterlies rarely reach Upper Tahsis Inlet, making it a good place to wait out a storm.

Tahsis.  At the head of the inlet, the sawmill town of Tahsis once had full facilities, but the mills closed and have been dismantled.  The loss of the mills just about killed the town.  Now, Tahsis is struggling but surviving.  Outsiders bought the houses at bargain prices, which, at least initially, gave the economy a small boost.  Through it all, the Westview Marina has gained an outstanding operation.

In town, the Tahsis Supermarket has consolidated many of the operations previously run by others.  The Supermarket sells groceries, liquor and fuel.  It also has a small cafe.  This is a small town and grocery selection is limited.  Tahsis Building Centre, a hardware store, is just north of the Supermarket.  A post office is located at the other end of town, near the seaplane dock.

The Tahsis library, in the municipal building, has free Wi-Fi and an excellent view.  It’s a wonderful place to while away a stormy afternoon.

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